Al Bridge

Barbed Wire
California Passage
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend
Unfaithfully Yours
Quick on the Trigger
Silver River
The Sin of Harold Diddlebock
Alias Mr. Twilight
It's a Wonderful Life
Below the Deadline
Shadows Over Chinatown
The Falcon's Alibi
She Wouldn't Say Yes
Thunderhead - Son of Flicka
The Jade Mask
Hail the Conquering Hero
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
The Palm Beach Story
I Married a Witch
The Talk of the Town
Meet the Stewarts
Sullivan's Travels
Badlands of Dakota
The Little Foxes
Rawhide Rangers
Lady from Louisiana
The Lady from Cheyenne
The Lady Eve
The Kid's Last Ride
The Green Hornet Strikes Again!
Santa Fe Trail
Christmas in July
Flowing Gold
When the Daltons Rode
Dark Command
Blazing Six Shooters
My Little Chickadee
The Roaring Twenties
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Oklahoma Frontier
Thunder Afloat
Buck Rogers
The Oklahoma Kid
The Phantom Creeps
Devil's Island
Adventure in Sahara
Gunsmoke Trail
Crime School
Springtime in the Rockies
Dead End
Wild West Days
Woman Chases Man
Jungle Jim
The Awful Truth
Dodge City Trail
Ace Drummond
Public Enemy's Wife
Call of the Prairie
The Lawless Nineties
Fast Bullets
The New Frontier
Melody Trail
Valley of Wanted Men
The Adventures of Rex and Rinty
Transient Lady
North of Arizona
Mystery Mountain
The Curtain Falls
Honor of the Range
Fighting with Kit Carson
The Lone Avenger
Sucker Money
Drum Taps
The Devil Horse
Blonde Venus
The Hurricane Express
Spirit of the West