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Allan Lane

Posse from Hell
"Mister Ed"
Hell Bent for Leather
The Saga of Hemp Brown
Bandits of Dark Canyon
Bandits of the West
Savage Frontier
Marshal of Cedar Rock
Desperadoes' Outpost
Thundering Caravans
Black Hills Ambush
Leadville Gunslinger
Captive of Billy the Kid
Desert of Lost Men
Fort Dodge Stampede
Wells Fargo Gunmaster
Night Riders of Montana
Rough Riders of Durango
Rustlers on Horseback
Vigilante Hideout
Code of the Silver Sage
Gunmen of Abilene
Powder River Rustlers
Bandit King of Texas
The Wyoming Bandit
Frontier Investigator
Death Valley Gunfighter
Sheriff of Wichita
Renegades of Sonora
Sundown in Santa Fe
The Denver Kid
Desperadoes of Dodge City
Marshal of Amarillo
Carson City Raiders
The Bold Frontiersman
The Wild Frontier
Marshal of Cripple Creek
Rustlers of Devil's Canyon
Oregon Trail Scouts
Vigilantes of Boomtown
Stagecoach to Denver
Santa Fe Uprising
Night Train to Memphis
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley
Trail of Kit Carson
Bells of Rosarita
Corpus Christi Bandits
The Topeka Terror
Sheriff of Sundown
Stagecoach to Monterey
Silver City Kid
The Tiger Woman
Call of the South Seas
The Dancing Masters
Daredevils of the West
King of the Royal Mounted
The Spellbinder
Panama Lady
They Made Her a Spy
Twelve Crowded Hours
Pacific Liner
The Law West of Tombstone
Crime Ring
Having Wonderful Time
Maid's Night Out
The Duke Comes Back
Sing and Be Happy
Big Business
Fifty Roads to Town
Charlie Chan at the Olympics
One Way Passage
The Crash
A Successful Calamity
Winner Take All
The Famous Ferguson Case
Local Boy Makes Good
Madam Satan
Love in the Rough