Andrew Tombes

Oklahoma Annie
Oh, You Beautiful Doll
Two Guys from Texas
Christmas Eve
Hoppy's Holiday
The Devil Thumbs a Ride
Beat the Band
Badman's Territory
Frontier Gal
Don't Fence Me In
You Came Along
Patrick the Great
G.I. Honeymoon
Bring on the Girls
Can't Help Singing
Murder in the Blue Room
San Fernando Valley
Week-End Pass
Phantom Lady
His Butler's Sister
The Mad Ghoul
Swing Fever
Crazy House
I Dood It
Du Barry Was a Lady
Hi Diddle Diddle
Honeymoon Lodge
Coney Island
A Stranger in Town
Reveille with Beverly
Between Us Girls
Larceny, Inc.
A Close Call for Ellery Queen
Blondie Goes to College
Bedtime Story
Down Mexico Way
Lady Scarface
A Dangerous Game
Meet John Doe
Third Finger, Left Hand
Captain Caution
Nick Carter, Master Detective
Too Busy to Work
What a Life
Always in Trouble
Five of a Kind
A Desperate Adventure
One Wild Night
Romance on the Run
Battle of Broadway
Sally, Irene and Mary
Big City
Easy Living
Meet the Boy Friend
Sing and Be Happy
Riding on Air
Charlie Chan at the Olympics
Fair Warning
The Devil Is a Sissy
Stage Struck
The Country Beyond
Here Comes Trouble
Thanks a Million
Here Comes Cookie
Doubting Thomas
Moulin Rouge
Broadway Through a Keyhole