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Billy Bletcher

Get a Horse!
The Chase
The Lone Chipmunks
Canvas Back Duck
Calamity Jane
The New Neighbor
Heavenly Puss
The Truce Hurts
Pluto's Blue Note
Wide Open Spaces
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
The Verdict
Solid Serenade
Quiet Please!
Old Sequoia
Incendiary Blonde
Duck Pimples
The Mouse Comes to Dinner
Casanova Brown
And the Angels Sing
The Zoot Cat
Trombone Trouble
The Bodyguard
Whistling in Brooklyn
The Old Army Game
Slightly Dangerous
Der Fuehrer's Face
Sky Trooper
The Vanishing Private
Donald Gets Drafted
Symphony Hour
Whistling in the Dark
Cracked Nuts
Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip
The Ape
Melody Ranch
Pluto's Dream House
Buck Benny Rides Again
Edison, the Man
The Riveter
Zorro's Fighting Legion
Destry Rides Again
Officer Duck
Dancing Co-Ed
The Autograph Hound
The Lone Ranger Rides Again
The Practical Pig
You're an Education
Farmyard Symphony
Porky in Wackyland
The Mexicali Kid
Professor Beware
Men with Wings
The Lone Ranger
Lonesome Ghosts
Donald's Ostrich
Modern Inventions
The Big Broadcast of 1937
Satan Met a Lady
Rhythm on the Range
Dick Whittington's Cat
Three Little Wolves
Gold Diggers of '49
Balloon Land
Pluto's Judgement Day
Man on the Flying Trapeze
The Tin Man
The Lost City
Two-Gun Mickey
Babes in Toyland
The Dognapper
The Old Fashioned Way
The Midnight Patrol
Three Little Pigs
Mickey's Mellerdrammer
The Mad Doctor
Building a Building
Soup to Nuts
Dancing Sweeties
Show Girl in Hollywood
Loose Ankles
The Dude Cowboy