Bob Burns

Barbed Wire
California Passage
The Gallant Legion
Twilight on the Rio Grande
Call of the Rockies
Mystery Man
False Colors
Man from Music Mountain
Bar 20
Wagon Tracks West
The Lone Star Trail
Wolves of the Range
Leather Burners
King of the Cowboys
Hoppy Serves a Writ
Prairie Pals
Call of the Canyon
South of Santa Fe
Man from Cheyenne
Forbidden Trails
Red River Valley
The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury
Riders of Death Valley
Robbers of the Range
In Old Cheyenne
Robin Hood of the Pecos
Three Men from Texas
Under Texas Skies
Billy the Kid in Texas
Prairie Schooners
Ride Tenderfoot Ride
Queen of the Yukon
Deadwood Dick
Stagecoach War
Three Faces West
Adventures of Red Ryder
The Light of Western Stars
Bullet Code
My Little Chickadee
The Marshal of Mesa City
Our Leading Citizen
New Frontier
Wyoming Outlaw
Down the Wyoming Trail
Three Texas Steers
Southward Ho
Arizona Legion
Feud of the Range
The Arkansas Traveler
Six-Shootin' Sheriff
Knight of the Plains
Partners of the Plains
Prairie Thunder
Blazing Sixes
Gunsmoke Ranch
Hopalong Cassidy Returns
Trailin' West
The Lonely Trail
The Robin Hood of El Dorado
Reefer Madness
Gun Play
Sagebrush Trail
Jaws of Justice
Gordon of Ghost City
The Gallant Fool
Haunted Gold
Law and Lawless
Ride Him, Cowboy
The Cock-Eyed World
The Birth of a Nation