Bob Steele

Charley Varrick
Hang Em High
The Bounty Killer
Requiem for a Gunfighter
"F Troop"
Six Black Horses
The Wild Westerners
Hell Bent for Leather
The Atomic Submarine
Pork Chop Hill
Rio Bravo
Giant from the Unknown
The Parson and the Outlaw
Gun for a Coward
Duel at Apache Wells
Bandits of Dark Canyon
The Steel Jungle
The Spoilers
The Outcast
Drums Across the River
Island in the Sky
Column South
Savage Frontier
San Antone
Rose of Cimarron
The Lion and the Horse
Cattle Drive
Fort Worth
Silver Canyon
The Enforcer
The Savage Horde
South of St. Louis
Killer McCoy
Twilight on the Rio Grande
Rio Grande Raiders
Thunder Town
Sheriff of Redwood Valley
Ambush Trail
Six Gun Man
The Big Sleep
The Navajo Kid
The Utah Kid
Marked Trails
Outlaw Trail
Arizona Whirlwind
Westward Bound
Death Valley Rangers
Revenge of the Zombies
Riders of the Rio Grande
Santa Fe Scouts
The Blocked Trail
Shadows on the Sage
The Phantom Plainsmen
Raiders of the Range
Code of the Outlaw
West of Cimarron
Gauchos of El Dorado
Outlaws of Cherokee Trail
Billy the Kid in Santa Fe
Gangs of Sonora
Pals of the Pecos
The Great Train Robbery
Prairie Pioneers
Billy the Kid's Range War
Billy the Kid's Gun Justice
Lone Star Raiders
Under Texas Skies
Billy the Kid in Texas
City for Conquest
Billy the Kid Outlawed
The Carson City Kid
Pinto Canyon
Of Mice and Men
The Pal from Texas
Feud of the Range
Durango Valley Raiders
Desert Patrol
The Feud Maker
Paroled - To Die
The Colorado Kid
Ridin' the Lone Trail
Doomed at Sundown
Border Phantom
The Trusted Outlaw
The Gun Ranger
Brand of the Outlaws
Last of the Warrens
The Kid Ranger
The Rider of the Law
Sundown Saunders
Smokey Smith
A Demon for Trouble
The Mystery Squadron
Ranger's Code
Galloping Romeo
The Gallant Fool
Trailing North
Breed of the Border
Young Blood
Texas Buddies
Hidden Valley
Son of Oklahoma
The Man from Hell's Edges
Riders of the Desert
South of Santa Fe
The Nevada Buckaroo
Sunrise Trail
Oklahoma Cyclone