Bud Osborne

Adventures of Captain Africa, Mighty Jungle Avenger!
Bride of the Monster
Jail Bait
Colorado Sundown
Son of Geronimo: Apache Avenger
Winchester '73
Across the Rio Grande
Frontier Revenge
Blood on the Moon
Crossed Trails
Outlaws of the Plains
Overland Riders
Flame of Barbary Coast
The Monster and the Ape
Harmony Trail
Marked Trails
The Texas Kid
'Neath Brooklyn Bridge
Perils of the Royal Mounted
Below the Border
Forbidden Trails
The Bandit Trail
The Return of Daniel Boone
Robbers of the Range
The Phantom Cowboy
The Green Archer
Wagon Train
Stranger on the Third Floor
Deadwood Dick
Viva Cisco Kid
Virginia City
Pioneer Days
Days of Jesse James
Death Rides the Range
Allegheny Uprising
New Frontier
Across the Plains
The Night Riders
Frontier Pony Express
Dodge City
Rough Riders' Round-up
Rollin' Westward
Fangs of the Wild
Prairie Moon
The Mexicali Kid
The Utah Trail
Six-Shootin' Sheriff
Whirlwind Horseman
Rolling Caravans
Boots and Saddles
Blazing Sixes
The Cherokee Strip
Ranger Courage
Guns of the Pecos
Treachery Rides the Range
Roamin' Wild
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
Sutter's Gold
Song of the Saddle
Headin' for the Rio Grande
Moonlight on the Prairie
Ferocious Pal
Gordon of Ghost City
Deadwood Pass
Haunted Gold
Ride Him, Cowboy
The Man from Hell's Edges
The Apache Kid's Escape
Men of the North
3 Bad Men