Byron Foulger

Hook, Line & Sinker
"Captain Nice"
Pocketful of Miracles
Devil's Partner
Twelve Hours to Kill
The Rebel Set
King of the Wild Stallions
Terror in a Texas Town
The Long, Hot Summer
Going Steady
Up in Smoke
The Buckskin Lady
Sierra Stranger
The River's Edge
The Iron Sheriff
The Young Stranger
Thunder Over Arizona
The Spoilers
Trouble on the Trail
Cattle Queen of Montana
Paris Model
The Flaming Urge
Bandits of the West
Cruisin' Down the River
Run for the Hills
A Perilous Journey
The Magnetic Monster
We're Not Married!
Skirts Ahoy!
The Sniper
My Six Convicts
The Steel Fist
Superman and the Mole Men
The Sea Hornet
FBI Girl
Home Town Story
Gasoline Alley
Experiment Alcatraz
Champagne for Caesar
The Inspector General
Red Desert
The Dalton Gang
Satan's Cradle
Mighty Joe Young
Arson, Inc.
I Shot Jesse James
Let's Live a Little
The Return of October
Out of the Storm
They Live by Night
The Bride Goes Wild
The Chinese Ring
Love and Learn
Easy Come, Easy Go
Bells of San Fernando
Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
San Quentin
Plainsman and the Lady
The Secret of the Whistler
The French Key
The Hoodlum Saint
House of Horrors
Just Before Dawn
The Lost Weekend
Voice of the Whistler
Sensation Hunters
Week-End at the Waldorf
The Hidden Eye
Don Juan Quilligan
The Master Key
Circumstantial Evidence
Adventures of Kitty O'Day
Grissly's Millions
The Mystery of the Riverboat
Ministry of Fear
Dark Mountain
Swing in the Saddle
Henry Aldrich's Little Secret
A Night of Adventure
The Whistler
Lady in the Death House
Beautiful But Broke
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
In Old Oklahoma
The Kansan
So Proudly We Hail!
Silver Spurs
Hi Diddle Diddle
Henry Aldrich Swings It
Coney Island
The Black Raven
Hangmen Also Die!
Hoppy Serves a Writ
Margin for Error
Quiet Please: Murder
Stand by for Action
Wrecking Crew
Apache Trail
Sabotage Squad
Miss Annie Rooney
A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen
The Panther's Claw
Man from Headquarters
Remember the Day
Dude Cowboy
Sullivan's Travels
Night of January 16th
Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring
Mystery Ship
Sweetheart of the Campus
Man Made Monster
Blonde Inspiration
Ridin' on a Rainbow
Heroes of the Saddle
Ellery Queen, Master Detective
Dr. Kildare's Crisis
Sky Murder
I Want a Divorce
Boom Town
The Great McGinty
Three Faces West
Edison, the Man
The Man with Nine Lives
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
Abe Lincoln in Illinois
The Saint's Double Trouble
The Secret of Dr. Kildare
Bad Little Angel
Beware Spooks!
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Television Spy
In Name Only
The Man They Could Not Hang
The Girl from Rio
Mutiny on the Blackhawk
The Spellbinder
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever
The Girl from Mexico
Exile Express
Union Pacific
Streets of New York
Let Us Live
Mystery of the White Room
Say It in French
Gangster's Boy
The Spider's Web
A Man to Remember
You Can't Take It with You
Smashing the Rackets
Delinquent Parents
Crime Ring
The Lady in the Morgue
It's All in Your Mind
Born to Be Wild
The Duke Comes Back
The Luck of Roaring Camp
It Happened in Hollywood
Tenth Avenue Kid
Make Way for Tomorrow
The Devil Diamond
Larceny on the Air
The Little Minister