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Clarence Muse

The Black Stallion
Car Wash
Buck and the Preacher
Porgy and Bess
The Sun Shines Bright
Jamaica Run
The Las Vegas Story
Apache Drums
Riding High
The Great Dan Patch
An Act of Murder
Welcome Stranger
My Favorite Brunette
Two Smart People
Scarlet Street
She Wouldn't Say Yes
Jungle Queen
Without Love
In the Meantime, Darling
The Soul of a Monster
Double Indemnity
The Racket Man
Flesh and Fantasy
Heaven Can Wait
The Sky's the Limit
Shadow of a Doubt
The Black Swan
The Talk of the Town
Belle Starr
The Flame of New Orleans
Kisses for Breakfast
Love Crazy
Invisible Ghost
Adam Had Four Sons
Chad Hanna
Murder Over New York
That Gang of Mine
Sporting Blood
Broken Strings
Prison Train
The Toy Wife
Jungle Menace
Mysterious Crossing
Muss 'em Up
So Red the Rose
Harmony Lane
O'Shaughnessy's Boy
After the Dance
Alias Mary Dow
Broadway Bill
Kid Millions
The Personality Kid
Black Moon
Operator 13
A Very Honorable Guy
Flying Down to Rio
The Life of Jimmy Dolan
The Mind Reader
From Hell to Heaven
The Death Kiss
The Cabin in the Cotton
Washington Merry-Go-Round
Big City Blues
Blonde Venus
Winner Take All
Is My Face Red?
Night World
Lena Rivers
The Wet Parade
Safe in Hell
Secret Service
Huckleberry Finn
Rain or Shine
The Thoroughbred
Swing High