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Clarence Nash

Mickey's Christmas Carol
The Fox and the Hound
Donald and the Wheel
Donald in Mathmagic Land
How to Have an Accident in the Home
Chips Ahoy
Up a Tree
Beezy Bear
Bearly Asleep
No Hunting
The Flying Squirrel
Grin and Bear It
Dragon Around
Donald's Diary
Spare the Rod
Canvas Back Duck
Working for Peanuts
Rugged Bear
The New Neighbor
Don's Fountain of Youth
Pluto's Christmas Tree
Trick or Treat
Uncle Donald's Ants
Let's Stick Together
Donald Applecore
Bee on Guard
Out of Scale
Lucky Number
Corn Chips
Dude Duck
Out on a Limb
Bee at the Beach
Trailer Horn
Crazy Over Daisy
Lion Around
Toy Tinkers
Slide Donald Slide
The Greener Yard
All in a Nutshell
Winter Storage
Pluto's Sweater
Sea Salts
Donald's Happy Birthday
Tea for Two Hundred
The Cat That Hated People
Three for Breakfast
Soup's On
Inferior Decorator
Cat Nap Pluto
The Trial of Donald Duck
Donald's Dream Voice
Daddy Duck
Drip Dippy Donald
Chip an' Dale
Fun and Fancy Free
Mickey and the Beanstalk
Wide Open Spaces
Bootle Beetle
Crazy with the Heat
Sleepy Time Donald
Donald's Dilemma
Clown of the Jungle
Straight Shooters
Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive
Bath Day
Lighthouse Keeping
Dumb Bell of the Yukon
Wet Paint
Old Sequoia
Cured Duck
No Sail
Duck Pimples
Donald's Crime
The Eyes Have It
The Clock Watcher
Donald's Off Day
The Plastics Inventor
The Three Caballeros
Contrary Condor
Donald Duck and the Gorilla
Trombone Trouble
Chicken Little
Home Defense
The Old Army Game
Fall Out-Fall in
The Flying Jalopy
Donald's Tire Trouble
Sufferin' Cats
The Spirit of '43
Der Fuehrer's Face
Bellboy Donald
Sky Trooper
The Vanishing Private
Saludos Amigos
Lake Titicaca
Donald's Gold Mine
Donald's Garden
Donald Gets Drafted
Donald's Snow Fight
Symphony Hour
Mickey's Birthday Party
The New Spirit
The Village Smithy
Chef Donald
Donald's Camera
Old MacDonald Duck
Orphans' Benefit
Truant Officer Donald
Early to Bed
A Good Time for a Dime
Golden Eggs
Fire Chief
Window Cleaners
Donald's Vacation
Put-Put Troubles
Mr. Duck Steps Out
Tugboat Mickey
Donald's Dog Laundry
The Riveter
Officer Duck
The Autograph Hound
Donald's Penguin
Bachelor Mother
Sea Scouts
Beach Picnic
Donald's Cousin Gus
The Hockey Champ
Donald's Lucky Day
Mother Goose Goes Hollywood
Donald's Golf Game
The Whalers
Mickey's Trailer
Donald's Nephews
Donald's Better Self
Boat Builders
Lonesome Ghosts
Donald's Ostrich
Clock Cleaners
Hawaiian Holiday
Modern Inventions
Mickey's Amateurs
Magician Mickey
Don Donald
Donald and Pluto
Alpine Climbers
On Ice
Pluto's Judgement Day
Mickey's Fire Brigade
The Band Concert
The Dognapper
Orphan's Benefit