Dennis Price

Son of Dracula
Quartier de femmes
Horror Hospital
Theater of Blood
Les expériences érotiques de Frankenstein
Double Take
That's Your Funeral
Drácula contra Frankenstein
Tower of Evil
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
The Adventures of Barry McKenzie
Twins of Evil
Vampiros lesbos
The Horror of Frankenstein
Some Will, Some Won't
The Magic Christian
The Haunted House of Horror
Rocket to the Moon
Just Like a Woman
Ten Little Indians
Curse of the Voodoo
A High Wind in Jamaica
The Earth Dies Screaming
The Comedy Man
The Horror of It All
Murder Most Foul
They All Died Laughing
Doctor in Distress
The V.I.P.s
The Cracksman
The Amorous Prawn
Kill or Cure
Go to Blazes
Play It Cool
What a Carve Up!
Double Bunk
The Rebel
No Love for Johnnie
Five Golden Hours
Watch it, Sailor!
The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's
The Millionairess
Piccadilly Third Stop
Tunes of Glory
Oscar Wilde
School for Scoundrels
I'm All Right Jack
Don't Panic Chaps!
The Naked Truth
Fortune Is a Woman
A Touch of the Sun
Port Afrique
Oh... Rosalinda!!
Private's Progress
That Lady
Time Is My Enemy
Cocktails in the Kitchen
The Intruder
Noose for a Lady
Tall Headlines
The House in the Square
Lady Godiva Rides Again
The Adventurers
The Magic Box
Murder Without Crime
The Dancing Years
Kind Hearts and Coronets
Good-Time Girl
Easy Money
Dear Murderer
Holiday Camp
Hungry Hill
The Magic Bow
A Place of One's Own
A Canterbury Tale