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Don Barry

Back Roads
The Swarm
Doctor Dracula
From Noon Till Three
Boss Nigger
Blazing Stewardesses
Junior Bonner
Johnny Got His Gun
Hunters Are for Killing
The Shakiest Gun in the West
Fort Utah
Hostile Guns
Alvarez Kelly
Town Tamer
Fort Courageous
Convict Stage
Law of the Lawless
Iron Angel
Walk on the Wild Side
Walk Like a Dragon
The Big Operator
The Last Mile
Born Reckless
Frankenstein - 1970
Gun Duel in Durango
Seven Men from Now
I'll Cry Tomorrow
The Twinkle in God's Eye
Jesse James' Women
Untamed Heiress
Train to Tombstone
I Shot Billy the Kid
Red Desert
Tough Assignment
The Dalton Gang
Train to Alcatraz
Madonna of the Desert
Plainsman and the Lady
The Last Crooked Mile
The Chicago Kid
My Buddy
The Purple Heart
California Joe
Canyon City
The Man from the Rio Grande
Fugitive from Sonora
Days of Old Cheyenne
Carson City Cyclone
Dead Man's Gulch
The Traitor Within
The Cyclone Kid
Jesse James, Jr.
Stagecoach Express
Arizona Terrors
Remember Pearl Harbor
A Missouri Outlaw
Death Valley Outlaws
The Apache Kid
Two Gun Sheriff
The Phantom Cowboy
One Man's Law
Adventures of Red Ryder
Days of Jesse James
The Secret of Dr. Kildare
Saga of Death Valley
Calling All Marines
Wyoming Outlaw
S.O.S. Tidal Wave
Only Angels Have Wings
Calling Dr. Kildare
Panama Patrol
The Duke of West Point
Young Dr. Kildare
The Crowd Roars
Sinners in Paradise
Navy Blue and Gold
Dead End
The Woman I Love
Beloved Enemy
Night Waitress
Flying Down to Rio