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Edward Brophy

The Last Hurrah
Bundle of Joy
Danger Zone
Pier 23
Arson, Inc.
It Happened on 5th Avenue
Renegade Girl
The Falcon's Adventure
Swing Parade of 1946
Girl on the Spot
The Falcon in San Francisco
The Thin Man Goes Home
Wonder Man
A Night of Adventure
It Happened Tomorrow
Cover Girl
A Scream in the Dark
Air Force
Madame Spy
Larceny, Inc.
Steel Against the Sky
All Through the Night
The Gay Falcon
Buy Me That Town
Nine Lives Are Not Enough
The Bride Came C.O.D.
Sleepers West
The Invisible Woman
Dance, Girl, Dance
The Great Profile
Alias the Deacon
Calling Philo Vance
Golden Boy
The Kid from Kokomo
For Love or Money
Society Lawyer
You Can't Cheat an Honest Man
Gambling Ship
Gold Diggers in Paris
Hold That Kiss
Romance on the Run
A Slight Case of Murder
Blossoms on Broadway
The Last Gangster
The Girl Said No
Trapped by G-Men
Varsity Show
Career Woman
Great Guy
Mister Cinderella
Wedding Present
Kelly the Second
Here Comes Trouble
Strike Me Pink
Show Them No Mercy!
Remember Last Night?
1,000 Dollars a Minute
I Live My Life
China Seas
Mad Love
The Whole Town's Talking
Shadow of Doubt
Evelyn Prentice
Death on the Diamond
The Thin Man
Broadway to Hollywood
What! No Beer?
Skyscraper Souls
The Beast of the City
The Champ
Sporting Blood
Parlor, Bedroom and Bath
Remote Control
Our Blushing Brides
The Cameraman
West Point
Spring Fever