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Elisha Cook Jr.

Tom Horn
The Champ
Dead of Night
St. Ives
The Black Bird
The Phantom of Hollywood
The Outfit
Electra Glide in Blue
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid
Emperor of the North Pole
Messiah of Evil
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid
The Night Stalker
Condor, El
Rosemary's Baby
Welcome to Hard Times
Blood on the Arrow
Johnny Cool
The Haunted Palace
Black Zoo
Papa's Delicate Condition
One-Eyed Jacks
College Confidential
Platinum High School
Day of the Outlaw
House on Haunted Hill
Baby Face Nelson
Plunder Road
Chicago Confidential
The Lonely Man
Voodoo Island
Accused of Murder
The Killing
The Indian Fighter
Drum Beat
Outlaw's Daughter
Thunder Over the Plains
I, the Jury
Don't Bother to Knock
Behave Yourself!
The Great Gatsby
Flaxy Martin
The Gangster
The Long Night
Born to Kill
Fall Guy
Two Smart People
The Falcon's Alibi
Cinderella Jones
Blonde Alibi
The Big Sleep
Why Girls Leave Home
Dark Waters
Dark Mountain
Up in Arms
Phantom Lady
Manila Calling
A-Haunting We Will Go
Ball of Fire
I Wake Up Screaming
The Maltese Falcon
Sergeant York
Love Crazy
Tin Pan Alley
Public Deb No. 1
Stranger on the Third Floor
He Married His Wife
Newsboys' Home
Submarine Patrol
My Lucky Star
They Won't Forget
Life Begins in College
Danger: Love at Work
Wife, Doctor and Nurse
The Devil Is Driving
Love Is News
Pigskin Parade
Two in a Crowd