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Fred Kelsey

Hans Christian Andersen
O. Henry's Full House
Flamingo Road
The Younger Brothers
Never Say Goodbye
Mildred Pierce
Crime by Night
Mr. Skeffington
Murder on the Waterfront
Gentleman Jim
X Marks the Spot
Murder in the Big House
My Favorite Blonde
Lady Gangster
Bullet Scars
Secrets of the Lone Wolf
They Died with Their Boots On
Invisible Ghost
The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance
The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date
Mexican Spitfire Out West
The Green Archer
Deadwood Dick
The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady
The Lone Wolf Strikes
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
Chicken Wagon Family
Charlie Chan in Reno
Tell No Tales
Rough Riders' Round-up
Everybody's Doing It
Love and Hisses
That I May Live
The Little Red Schoolhouse
Atlantic Adventure
One Frightened Night
Death Flies East
Lightning Strikes Twice
The Moth
Sailor's Luck
King of the Jungle
Red Haired Alibi
Guilty as Hell
Discarded Lovers
Side Show
Scandal Sheet
Going Wild
Scarlet Pages
Road to Paradise
The Girl Said No
The Woman Racket
Playing Around
Wrong Again
The Faker
While the City Sleeps
The Gorilla
Little Annie Rooney
The Night Hawk
Souls for Sale