Fuzzy Knight

Hostile Guns
The Notorious Mr. Monks
The Naked Hills
Oklahoma Annie
Night Raiders
The Gunman
Stage to Blue River
Nevada Badmen
Canyon Raiders
Fast on the Draw
West of the Brazos
Colorado Ranger
Marshal of Heldorado
Hostile Country
Adventures of Gallant Bess
Girl on the Spot
Frontier Gal
Beyond the Pecos
Frisco Sal
Boss of Boomtown
Cowboy and the Senorita
The Great Alaskan Mystery
Oklahoma Raiders
The Lone Star Trail
Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground
The Old Chisholm Trail
Deep in the Heart of Texas
The Silver Bullet
Lady in a Jam
Juke Girl
Stagecoach Buckaroo
Arizona Cyclone
New York Town
The Masked Rider
Man from Montana
Rawhide Rangers
Law of the Range
The Cowboy and the Blonde
Horror Island
Pony Post
Law and Order
Brigham Young
Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Son of Roaring Dan
Johnny Apollo
Riders of Pasco Basin
Boss of Bullion City
My Little Chickadee
Remember the Night
West of Carson City
Chip of the Flying U
Oklahoma Frontier
The Oregon Trail
Union Pacific
The Cowboy and the Lady
Spawn of the North
Everybody's Doing It
Flying Fists
The Gold Racket
With Love and Kisses
Song of the Gringo
Sea Spoilers
Wildcat Trooper
And Sudden Death
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
The Murder Man
Operator 13
I Hate Women
The Last Round-Up
Moulin Rouge
To the Last Man
This Day and Age
Sunset Pass
She Done Him Wrong
Vanity Street