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George Zucco

David and Bathsheba
The First Legion
Flame of Stamboul
Let's Dance
Harbor of Missing Men
Madame Bovary
The Barkleys of Broadway
The Pirate
Secret Service Investigator
Tarzan and the Mermaids
Who Killed Doc Robbin
Captain from Castile
Where There's Life
Desire Me
Moss Rose
The Imperfect Lady
Scared to Death
The Flying Serpent
Hold That Blonde
Confidential Agent
Week-End at the Waldorf
Midnight Manhunt
Having Wonderful Crime
Fog Island
House of Frankenstein
Shadows in the Night
The Seventh Cross
Return of the Ape Man
The Mummy's Ghost
Voodoo Man
The Mad Ghoul
Holy Matrimony
The Black Raven
Sherlock Holmes in Washington
Dead Men Walk
The Black Swan
The Mummy's Tomb
Dr. Renault's Secret
Half Way to Shanghai
The Mad Monster
My Favorite Blonde
Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring
International Lady
A Woman's Face
Topper Returns
The Monster and the Girl
Dark Streets of Cairo
Arise, My Love
The Mummy's Hand
New Moon
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Cat and the Canary
Here I Am a Stranger
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Magnificent Fraud
Captain Fury
Arrest Bulldog Drummond
Charlie Chan in Honolulu
Fast Company
Arsène Lupin Returns
The Firefly
Madame X
Souls at Sea
London by Night
After the Thin Man
The Man Who Could Work Miracles
Abdul the Damned
The Good Companions
The Midshipmaid