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Ginger Rogers

That's Entertainment! III
That's Entertainment!
The Confession
Oh, Men! Oh, Women!
Teenage Rebel
The First Traveling Saleslady
Tight Spot
Black Widow
Beautiful Stranger
Forever Female
Monkey Business
We're Not Married!
The Groom Wore Spurs
Storm Warning
Perfect Strangers
The Barkleys of Broadway
It Had to Be You
Magnificent Doll
Week-End at the Waldorf
I'll Be Seeing You
Lady in the Dark
Tender Comrade
Once Upon a Honeymoon
The Major and the Minor
Tales of Manhattan
Roxie Hart
Tom Dick and Harry
Kitty Foyle: The Natural History of a Woman
Lucky Partners
Primrose Path
5th Ave Girl
Bachelor Mother
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle
Vivacious Lady
Having Wonderful Time
Stage Door
Shall We Dance
Swing Time
Follow the Fleet
In Person
Top Hat
Star of Midnight
Romance in Manhattan
The Gay Divorcee
Twenty Million Sweethearts
Change of Heart
Finishing School
Flying Down to Rio
Sitting Pretty
Rafter Romance
A Shriek in the Night
Professional Sweetheart
Gold Diggers of 1933
42nd Street
You Said a Mouthful
The Thirteenth Guest
The Tenderfoot
Carnival Boat
Suicide Fleet
Honor Among Lovers
Queen High
The Sap from Syracuse