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Huntz Hall

Auntie Lee's Meat Pies
Gas Pump Girls
The Phynx
In the Money
Up in Smoke
Looking for Danger
Spook Chasers
Hold That Hypnotist
Hot Shots
Fighting Trouble
Crashing Las Vegas
Dig That Uranium
Jail Busters
Spy Chasers
High Society
Bowery to Bagdad
Jungle Gents
The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters
Paris Playboys
Private Eyes
Clipped Wings
Loose in London
No Holds Barred
Feudin' Fools
Here Come the Marines
Hold That Line
Crazy Over Horses
Let's Go Navy!
Ghost Chasers
Bowery Battalion
Blues Busters
Triple Trouble
Lucky Losers
Blonde Dynamite
Master Minds
Angels in Disguise
Hold That Baby!
Fighting Fools
Trouble Makers
Smugglers' Cove
Jinx Money
Angels' Alley
Bowery Buckaroos
News Hounds
Hard Boiled Mahoney
Mr. Hex
Spook Busters
Bowery Bombshell
In Fast Company
Live Wires
A Walk in the Sun
Mr. Muggs Rides Again
Bring on the Girls
Docks of New York
Wonder Man
Follow the Leader
Million Dollar Kid
Mr. Muggs Steps Out
Ghosts on the Loose
Clancy Street Boys
Kid Dynamite
Junior Army
'Neath Brooklyn Bridge
Smart Alecks
Junior G-Men of the Air
Let's Get Tough!
Private Buckaroo
Mr. Wise Guy
Zis Boom Bah
Spooks Run Wild
Sea Raiders
Mob Town
Bowery Blitzkrieg
Hit the Road
Give Us Wings
You're Not So Tough
The Return of Doctor X
On Dress Parade
Call a Messenger
The Angels Wash Their Faces
Hell's Kitchen
They Made Me a Criminal
Angels with Dirty Faces
Little Tough Guy
Crime School
Dead End
Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge