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Jack Mulhall

The Atomic Submarine
Around the World in Eighty Days
The She-Creature
Flame of Barbary Coast
The Phantom of 42nd Street
The Kansan
The Ape Man
'Neath Brooklyn Bridge
The Forest Rangers
Between Us Girls
A Gentleman After Dark
Mr. Wise Guy
Man from Headquarters
Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.
Hard Guy
Sea Raiders
Saddle Mountain Roundup
Bowery Blitzkrieg
Desperate Cargo
The Spider Returns
Invisible Ghost
Mysterious Doctor Satan
The Son of Monte Cristo
Third Finger, Left Hand
Strike Up the Band
I Love You Again
Black Friday
Strange Cargo
Broadway Melody of 1940
Judge Hardy and Son
First Love
It's a Wonderful World
Outlaws' Paradise
Buck Rogers
Three Smart Girls Grow Up
Made for Each Other
Home on the Prairie
While New York Sleeps
Held for Ransom
You and Me
Outlaws of Sonora
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
The Spy Ring
Tim Tyler's Luck
Music for Madame
Radio Patrol
Sky Racket
Wings Over Honolulu
Beloved Enemy
Without Orders
Libeled Lady
The Big Broadcast of 1937
The Rogues Tavern
Thirteen Hours by Air
The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand
Wife vs. Secretary
The Preview Murder Mystery
A Face in the Fog
Strike Me Pink
Custer's Last Stand
Two for Tonight
Men Without Names
Chinatown Squad
Paris in Spring
What Price Crime
The Old Fashioned Way
Burn 'Em Up Barnes
Desert Command
The Mystery Squadron
Curtain at Eight
The Three Musketeers
Sally of the Subway
Night Beat
Reaching for the Moon
Road to Paradise
Show Girl in Hollywood
The Show of Shows
The Butter and Egg Man
The Poor Nut
Orchids and Ermine
We Moderns
Flesh and Blood