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Joseph Cotten

The Survivor
Heaven's Gate
The Hearse
Guyana: Crime of the Century
Concorde Affaire '79
The Island of the Fishmen
Indagine su un delitto perfetto
L'ordre et la sécurité du monde
Airport '77
Twilight's Last Gleaming
"Alle origini della mafia"
Un sussurro nel buio
Timber Tramps
Giustiziere sfida la città, Il
A Delicate Balance
Soylent Green
Vérités et mensonges
The Devil's Daughter
Lo scopone scientifico
Gli orrori del castello di Norimberga
La figlia di Frankenstein
The Abominable Dr. Phibes
City Beneath the Sea
Assault on the Wayne
The Grasshopper
Tora! Tora! Tora!
Ido zero daisakusen
Comanche blanco
Gangsters '70
"Alexander the Great"
Jack of Diamonds
I crudeli
The Oscar
The Money Trap
The Great Sioux Massacre
Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte
The Last Sunset
The Angel Wore Red
From the Earth to the Moon
Touch of Evil
The Halliday Brand
The Killer Is Loose
The Bottom of the Bottle
Vom Himmel gefallen
A Blueprint for Murder
The Steel Trap
Untamed Frontier
The Tragedy of Othello: The Moor of Venice
The Man with a Cloak
Peking Express
Half Angel
September Affair
Walk Softly, Stranger
Two Flags West
Beyond the Forest
Under Capricorn
The Third Man
Portrait of Jennie
The Farmer's Daughter
Duel in the Sun
Love Letters
I'll Be Seeing You
Since You Went Away
Hers to Hold
Journey Into Fear
Shadow of a Doubt
The Magnificent Ambersons
Citizen Kane
Too Much Johnson