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Lesley Selander

Arizona Bushwhackers
Fort Utah
The Texican
Town Tamer
Fort Courageous
Convict Stage
The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold
Outlaw's Son
Revolt at Fort Laramie
Tomahawk Trail
The Wayward Girl
Quincannon, Frontier Scout
The Broken Star
Desert Sands
Fort Yuma
Tall Man Riding
The Yellow Tomahawk
Arrow in the Dust
Dragonfly Squadron
The Royal African Rifles
Fighter Attack
Fort Algiers
War Paint
Cow Country
Fort Vengeance
The Raiders
Battle Zone
Flat Top
Desert Passage
Road Agent
Trail Guide
Fort Osage
Overland Telegraph
Flight to Mars
Pistol Harvest
The Highwayman
Cavalry Scout
I Was an American Spy
Saddle Legion
Law of the Badlands
Short Grass
The Kangaroo Kid
Rio Grande Patrol
Dakota Lil
Rider from Tucson
Storm Over Wyoming
Riders of the Range
The Mysterious Desperado
Masked Raiders
The Sky Dragon
Brothers in the Saddle
Indian Agent
Belle Starr's Daughter
The Red Stallion
Robin Hood of Texas
Saddle Pals
Out California Way
Night Train to Memphis
Traffic in Crime
Passkey to Danger
The Catman of Paris
The Fatal Witness
Jungle Raiders
Phantom of the Plains
Three's a Crowd
The Vampire's Ghost
Sheriff of Las Vegas
Firebrands of Arizona
Sheriff of Sundown
Stagecoach to Monterey
Bordertown Trail
Call of the Rockies
Forty Thieves
Riders of the Deadline
Bar 20
Colt Comrades
Buckskin Frontier
Border Patrol
Red River Robin Hood
Undercover Man
Bandit Ranger
Thundering Hoofs
Lost Canyon
Riders of the Timberline
Stick to Your Guns
Wide Open Town
Pirates on Horseback
The Roundup
Doomed Caravan
Three Men from Texas
Cherokee Strip
Stagecoach War
Hidden Gold
Knights of the Range
Santa Fe Marshal
Range War
The Renegade Trail
Heritage of the Desert
Silver on the Sage
Sunset Trail
Pride of the West
The Frontiersmen
The Mysterious Rider
Bar 20 Justice
Heart of Arizona
Cassidy of Bar 20
Partners of the Plains
Black Aces
Hopalong Rides Again
Smoke Tree Range
Empty Saddles
Ride 'Em Cowboy