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Lloyd Bacon

She Couldn't Say No
The French Line
Walking My Baby Back Home
The Great Sioux Uprising
The I Don't Care Girl
Golden Girl
Call Me Mister
The Frogmen
The Fuller Brush Girl
The Good Humor Man
Kill the Umpire
Miss Grant Takes Richmond
It Happens Every Spring
Mother Is a Freshman
An Innocent Affair
Give My Regards to Broadway
You Were Meant for Me
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
Wake Up and Dream
Home, Sweet Homicide
Captain Eddie
Sunday Dinner for a Soldier
The Sullivans
Action in the North Atlantic
Silver Queen
Wings for the Eagle
Larceny, Inc.
Navy Blues
Affectionately Yours
Footsteps in the Dark
Honeymoon for Three
Knute Rockne All American
Brother Orchid
Three Cheers for the Irish
Invisible Stripes
A Child Is Born
Espionage Agent
Indianapolis Speedway
The Oklahoma Kid
Wings of the Navy
Boy Meets Girl
Racket Busters
Cowboy from Brooklyn
A Slight Case of Murder
Submarine D-1
Ever Since Eve
San Quentin
Marked Woman
Gold Diggers of 1937
Cain and Mabel
Sons o' Guns
Frisco Kid
The Irish in Us
Broadway Gondolier
In Caliente
Devil Dogs of the Air
6 Day Bike Rider
Here Comes the Navy
He Was Her Man
A Very Honorable Guy
Wonder Bar
Footlight Parade
Mary Stevens, M.D.
Picture Snatcher
42nd Street
You Said a Mouthful
Miss Pinkerton
The Famous Ferguson Case
Fireman, Save My Child
Manhattan Parade
Gold Dust Gertie
Sit Tight
The Office Wife
A Notorious Affair
She Couldn't Say No
So Long Letty
Say It with Songs
Stark Mad
The Singing Fool
Easy Street
The Rink
Behind the Screen
The Vagabond
The Fireman
The Floorwalker
The Tramp
A Jitney Elopement
In the Park
The Champion