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Lucien Littlefield

Sudden Danger
Casanova's Big Night
Susanna Pass
That Brennan Girl
Scared Stiff
One Body Too Many
Zorro's Black Whip
Cowboy and the Senorita
Lady, Let's Dance
Casanova in Burlesque
Henry Aldrich Haunts a House
Johnny Come Lately
Silent Witness
Whistling in Dixie
Bells of Capistrano
Hillbilly Blitzkrieg
The Great Man's Lady
Castle in the Desert
Henry Aldrich for President
The Little Foxes
Life with Henry
Li'l Abner
The Westerner
Those Were the Days!
Jeepers Creepers
What a Life
Mystery Plane
Wide Open Faces
Hollywood Stadium Mystery
Wells Fargo
Born to the West
Souls at Sea
High, Wide, and Handsome
Early to Bed
Let's Sing Again
The Moon's Our Home
Strike Me Pink
I Dream Too Much
The Return of Peter Grimm
Man on the Flying Trapeze
The Murder Man
One Frightened Night
Ruggles of Red Gap
Kiss and Make-Up
Thirty Day Princess
Sons of the Desert
Dirty Work
The Big Brain
Professional Sweetheart
Sailor's Luck
The Bitter Tea of General Yen
If I Had a Million
Evenings for Sale
Strangers of the Evening
Are You Listening?
Broken Lullaby
Scandal Sheet
Tom Sawyer
High Society Blues
Seven Keys to Baldpate
Happy Days
This Is Heaven
Heart to Heart
The Valley of the Giants
My Best Girl
The Cat and the Canary
Innocent Husbands
True As Steel
Name the Man
Her Husband's Trademark
Saturday Night
The Sheik
Why Change Your Wife?
The Cheat