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Maurice Denham

The Last Vampyre
Tears in the Rain
4.50 from Paddington
84 Charing Cross Road
Mr. Love
Schalcken the Painter
"Rumpole of the Bailey"
Shout at the Devil
The Day of the Jackal
Nicholas and Alexandra
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Countess Dracula
The Virgin and the Gypsy
A Touch of Love
Midas Run
Some Girls Do
The Best House in London
Torture Garden
Danger Route
The Long Duel
Caccia alla volpe
The Night Caller
The Heroes of Telemark
The Nanny
The Alphabet Murders
Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines
The Uncle
Operation Crossbow
The 7th Dawn
The Very Edge
The Set Up
H.M.S. Defiant
Invasion Quartet
The Greengage Summer
Two Way Stretch
Sink the Bismarck!
Our Man in Havana
The Captain's Table
Night of the Demon
Barnacle Bill
23 Paces to Baker Street
Doctor at Sea
Animal Farm
The Purple Plain
Eight O'Clock Walk
The Million Pound Note
Street Corner
The Net
Time Bomb
Madness of the Heart
The Spider and the Fly
Don't Ever Leave Me
A Boy, a Girl and a Bike
It's Not Cricket
The Blue Lagoon
Once Upon a Dream
The Blind Goddess
Oliver Twist
Easy Money
Holiday Camp
Take My Life