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Milburn Stone

The Private War of Major Benson
Smoke Signal
White Feather
The Long Gray Line
Black Tuesday
The Siege at Red River
Second Chance
Pickup on South Street
The Sun Shines Bright
Invaders from Mars
The Savage
The Atomic City
The Fireball
No Man of Her Own
The Judge
Train to Alcatraz
Heading for Heaven
Killer McCoy
Killer Dill
Danger Woman
Inside Job
The Spider Woman Strikes Back
Smooth as Silk
The Daltons Ride Again
The Royal Mounted Rides Again
Strange Confession
The Frozen Ghost
The Master Key
Jungle Woman
The Great Alaskan Mystery
Phantom Lady
The Mad Ghoul
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death
Captive Wild Woman
You Can't Beat the Law
Silent Witness
Eyes in the Night
Invisible Agent
Reap the Wild Wind
No Hands on the Clock
Death Valley Outlaws
The Great Train Robbery
The Phantom Cowboy
Lillian Russell
Johnny Apollo
Enemy Agent
Chasing Trouble
Charlie McCarthy, Detective
Nick Carter, Master Detective
Crashing Thru
Fighting Mad
Danger Flight
When Tomorrow Comes
Stunt Pilot
Young Mr. Lincoln
Blind Alley
Mystery Plane
Blackwell's Island
Tail Spin
Made for Each Other
Wives Under Suspicion
Sinners in Paradise
Port of Missing Girls
Mr. Boggs Steps Out
Music for Madame
Youth on Parole
Atlantic Flight
Blazing Barriers
The 13th Man
Wings Over Honolulu
They Gave Him a Gun
Swing It, Professor
The Princess Comes Across