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Mischa Auer

Drop Dead Darling
Il Natale che quasi non fu
Che fine ha fatto Totò baby?
À pied, à cheval et en spoutnik!
La polka des menottes
Cette sacrée gamine
Trois de la Canebière
Pícara molinera, La
Impossible Monsieur Pipelet, L'
Futures vedettes
Mr. Arkadin
Al diavolo la celebrità
For You I Die
Sentimental Journey
And Then There Were None
Brewster's Millions
A Royal Scandal
Up in Mabel's Room
Lady in the Dark
Around the World
Hold That Ghost
The Flame of New Orleans
Cracked Nuts
Trail of the Vigilantes
Seven Sinners
Spring Parade
Public Deb No. 1
Alias the Deacon
Destry Rides Again
Unexpected Father
East Side of Heaven
Little Tough Guys in Society
Service de Luxe
You Can't Take It with You
The Rage of Paris
Merry Go Round of 1938
One Hundred Men and a Girl
It's All Yours
Vogues of 1938
Marry the Girl
We Have Our Moments
Pick a Star
That Girl from Paris
Three Smart Girls
College Holiday
My Man Godfrey
The Princess Comes Across
Here Comes Trouble
Tough Guy
The Gay Desperado
I Dream Too Much
Condemned to Live
The Adventures of Rex and Rinty
The Crusades
Murder in the Fleet
Clive of India
Mystery Woman
Biography of a Bachelor Girl
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back
Stamboul Quest
Change of Heart
Viva Villa!
The Woman Condemned
Wharf Angel
Girl Without a Room
After Tonight
Tarzan the Fearless
Storm at Daybreak
Gabriel Over the White House
Sucker Money
Clear All Wires!
Rasputin and the Empress
Call Her Savage
The Western Code
Beauty Parlor
The Last of the Mohicans
Arséne Lupin
The Monster Walks
Mata Hari
The Yellow Ticket
The Unholy Garden
Women of All Nations
King of the Wild
The Drums of Jeopardy
No Limit
Just Imagine
Inside the Lines
Paramount on Parade
The Benson Murder Case
Why Be Good?