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Nat Pendleton

Buck Privates Come Home
Scared to Death
Death Valley
Swing Fever
Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case
Calling Dr. Gillespie
The Mad Doctor of Market Street
Buck Privates
Flight Command
Dr. Kildare's Crisis
Dr. Kildare Goes Home
The Golden Fleecing
New Moon
Phantom Raiders
Northwest Passage
The Secret of Dr. Kildare
At the Circus
On Borrowed Time
6,000 Enemies
It's a Wonderful World
Calling Dr. Kildare
Burn 'Em Up O'Connor
Another Thin Man
Young Dr. Kildare
The Crowd Roars
The Shopworn Angel
Fast Company
Arsène Lupin Returns
Swing Your Lady
Life Begins in College
Under Cover of Night
Two in a Crowd
Sworn Enemy
Trapped by Television
The Great Ziegfeld
The Garden Murder Case
Murder in the Fleet
Baby Face Harrington
Times Square Lady
The Gay Bride
Death on the Diamond
Straight Is the Way
The Cat's-Paw
The Girl from Missouri
The Defense Rests
The Thin Man
Manhattan Melodrama
Fugitive Lovers
College Coach
I'm No Angel
Lady for a Day
Baby Face
The Nuisance
Parachute Jumper
Goldie Gets Along
Child of Manhattan
The Sign of the Cross
Horse Feathers
The Tenderfoot
The Big Timer
The Beast of the City
Manhattan Parade
Blonde Crazy
The Star Witness
The Last of the Duanes
The Big Pond