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Pierre Watkin

Spook Chasers
Thunder Over Arizona
The Maverick Queen
Sudden Danger
Creature with the Atom Brain
About Mrs. Leslie
Johnny Dark
The Stranger Wore a Gun
The Lost Planet
Thundering Caravans
Two Lost Worlds
The Second Face
Last of the Buccaneers
Sunset in the West
Redwood Forest Trail
Atom Man Vs. Superman
The Big Hangover
Rock Island Trail
Over the Border
Radar Secret Service
The Story of Seabiscuit
Siren of Atlantis
An Innocent Affair
The Strange Mrs. Crane
Fighting Back
The Hunted
Brick Bradford
Her Husband's Affairs
The Wild Frontier
The Red Stallion
Monsieur Verdoux
Swamp Fire
The Missing Lady
Behind the Mask
Murder Is My Business
Claudia and David
Little Giant
The Madonna's Secret
The Shadow Returns
Apology for Murder
I Love a Bandleader
Mr. Muggs Rides Again
Three's a Crowd
The Phantom Speaks
Strange Illusion
Docks of New York
Dead Man's Eyes
End of the Road
Shadow of Suspicion
Atlantic City
Jungle Woman
Bermuda Mystery
The Chance of a Lifetime
Swing Shift Maisie
Whistling in Dixie
Heart of the Rio Grande
Nazi Agent
Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring
Jesse James at Bay
Great Guns
Buy Me That Town
Cracked Nuts
Adventure in Washington
She Knew All the Answers
Meet John Doe
Life with Henry
The Green Hornet Strikes Again!
The Bank Dick
Mystery Sea Raider
Knute Rockne All American
No Time for Comedy
Rhythm on the River
I Love You Again
Captain Caution
The Saint Takes Over
Road to Singapore
The Great Victor Herbert
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Everything's on Ice
Wall Street Cowboy
They Made Her a Spy
Society Lawyer
Secret Service of the Air
Risky Business
Fast and Loose
Wings of the Navy
King of the Underworld
Illegal Traffic
Girls on Probation
Young Dr. Kildare
The Lady Objects
Girls' School
Boy Meets Girl
You Can't Take It with You
Smashing the Rackets
There's Always a Woman
Tip-Off Girls
Dangerous to Know
Arsène Lupin Returns
Breakfast for Two
Stage Door
The Man Who Cried Wolf
Paradise Isle
Ever Since Eve
Internes Can't Take Money
She's Dangerous
The Devil's Playground
Larceny on the Air
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town