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Richard Arlen

Fort Utah
Hostile Guns
Red Tomahawk
To the Shores of Hell
Johnny Reno
Apache Uprising
The Bounty Killer
Town Tamer
Black Spurs
The Human Duplicators
Young Fury
Sex and the College Girl
Law of the Lawless
The Crawling Hand
The Young and the Brave
The Last Time I Saw Archie
The Day of the Trumpet
The Mountain
Hidden Guns
Stolen Time
Sabre Jet
Hurricane Smith
Flaming Feather
Silver City
Kansas Raiders
When My Baby Smiles at Me
Speed to Spare
Buffalo Bill Rides Again
The Phantom Speaks
Identity Unknown
The Big Bonanza
Storm Over Lisbon
The Lady and the Monster
Timber Queen
Submarine Alert
Aerial Gunner
Flying Blind
Forced Landing
Power Dive
Mutiny in the Arctic
Lucky Devils
The Devil's Pipeline
Black Diamonds
Mutiny on the Blackhawk
Missing Daughters
Straight Place and Show
Call of the Yukon
Artists & Models
The Great Barrier
The Mine with the Iron Door
Let 'em Have It
Alice in Wonderland
Three-Cornered Moon
College Humor
Island of Lost Souls
Tiger Shark
Guilty as Hell
Sky Bride
The Border Legion
Paramount on Parade
The Light of Western Stars
Dangerous Paradise
Burning Up
The Virginian
Dangerous Curves
The Four Feathers
Manhattan Cocktail
Beggars of Life
Ladies of the Mob
Feel My Pulse
Rolled Stockings
Old Ironsides
Behind the Front