Robert Armstrong

For Those Who Think Young
Girl with an Itch
The Crooked Circle
Double Jeopardy
Gang Busters
Las Vegas Shakedown
The Pace That Thrills
Destination Big House
Captain China
Sons of New Mexico
Mighty Joe Young
The Lucky Stiff
Streets of San Francisco
The Crime Doctor's Diary
The Paleface
Return of the Bad Men
The Fugitive
Fall Guy
Criminal Court
Blonde Alibi
The Royal Mounted Rides Again
The Falcon in San Francisco
Gangs of the Waterfront
Blood on the Sun
Belle of the Yukon
Mr. Winkle Goes to War
The Navy Way
Action in Arabia
The Mad Ghoul
The Kansan
Adventures of the Flying Cadets
Wings Over the Pacific
My Favorite Spy
It Happened in Flatbush
Dive Bomber
Citadel of Crime
Sky Raiders
Mr. Dynamite
San Francisco Docks
Service with the Colors
Enemy Agent
Forgotten Girls
Call a Messenger
The Roaring Twenties
Winter Carnival
Man of Conquest
The Flying Irishman
There Goes My Heart
She Loved a Fireman
The Girl Said No
Three Legionnaires
Nobody's Baby
Without Orders
Public Enemy's Wife
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
Remember Last Night?
'G' Men
Sweet Music
The Hell Cat
Manhattan Love Song
Search for Beauty
The Son of Kong
Above the Clouds
Blind Adventure
I Love That Man
King Kong
Fast Workers
Penguin Pool Murder
The Most Dangerous Game
Hold 'Em Jail
Is My Face Red?
Radio Patrol
The Lost Squadron
Suicide Fleet
Ex-Bad Boy
Iron Man
Danger Lights
Dumbbells in Ermine
Be Yourself!
The Racketeer
Oh, Yeah?
Big News
A Girl in Every Port