Robert Barrat

Tall Man Riding
Cow Country
Denver and Rio Grande
Distant Drums
Flight to Mars
Darling, How Could You!
Double Crossbones
American Guerrilla in the Philippines
The Baron of Arizona
The Kid from Texas
Riders of the Range
Davy Crockett, Indian Scout
The Doolins of Oklahoma
Canadian Pacific
Song of India
Bad Men of Tombstone
Joan of Arc
I Love Trouble
Road to Rio
The Fabulous Texan
Magnificent Doll
Just Before Dawn
Road to Utopia
Strangler of the Swamp
They Were Expendable
San Antonio
Wanderer of the Wasteland
The Great John L.
Grissly's Millions
Enemy of Women
The Adventures of Mark Twain
Johnny Come Lately
Bomber's Moon
They Came to Blow Up America
A Stranger in Town
Fall In
American Empire
Riders of the Purple Sage
Parachute Battalion
They Met in Argentina
Go West
Captain Caution
Northwest Passage
The Man from Dakota
The Cisco Kid and the Lady
Allegheny Uprising
Bad Lands
Colorado Sunset
Heritage of the Desert
Man of Conquest
Union Pacific
Return of the Cisco Kid
Charlie Chan in Honolulu
Shadows Over Shanghai
Breaking the Ice
The Texans
Forbidden Valley
The Buccaneer
The Bad Man of Brimstone
The Life of Emile Zola
Love Is on the Air
Souls at Sea
Draegerman Courage
God's Country and the Woman
The Charge of the Light Brigade
Trailin' West
Mary of Scotland
The Last of the Mohicans
Sons o' Guns
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
The Country Doctor
Exclusive Story
Captain Blood
Moonlight on the Prairie
Dr. Socrates
Special Agent
The Murder Man
Village Tale
While the Patient Slept
Devil Dogs of the Air
I Am a Thief
The St. Louis Kid
I Sell Anything
The Dragon Murder Case
Here Comes the Navy
Midnight Alibi
Fog Over Frisco
A Very Honorable Guy
Gambling Lady
Wonder Bar
Dark Hazard
Hi, Nellie!
From Headquarters
The Kennel Murder Case
Wild Boys of the Road
I Loved a Woman
Baby Face
The Mayor of Hell
Heroes for Sale
Ann Carver's Profession
The Life of Jimmy Dolan
The Silk Express
Lilly Turner
Picture Snatcher
King of the Jungle
Honor Among Lovers