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Roscoe Karns

Man's Favorite Sport?
Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven
Speed to Spare
Devil's Cargo
That's My Man
Vigilantes of Boomtown
One Way to Love
Minstrel Man
Old Acquaintance
His Butler's Sister
Riding High
Stage Door Canteen
You Can't Escape Forever
Yokel Boy
A Tragedy at Midnight
Woman of the Year
The Gay Vagabond
Footsteps in the Dark
They Drive by Night
Saturday's Children
Double Alibi
His Girl Friday
That's Right - You're Wrong
Everything's on Ice
Dancing Co-Ed
King of Chinatown
Thanks for the Memory
You and Me
Tip-Off Girls
Dangerous to Know
Night of Mystery
Cain and Mabel
Front Page Woman
Alibi Ike
Four Hours to Kill!
Wings in the Dark
I Sell Anything
Shoot the Works
Twentieth Century
It Happened One Night
Alice in Wonderland
The Women in His Life
One Sunday Afternoon
Gambling Ship
Today We Live
Lawyer Man
If I Had a Million
Under-Cover Man
They Call It Sin
Night After Night
One Way Passage
The Crooked Circle
Ladies of the Big House
Laughing Sinners
Man Trouble
Safety in Numbers
Troopers Three
New York Nights
The Flying Fleet
The Shopworn Angel
The Trail of '98
The Jazz Singer
The Ten Commandments
Life of the Party