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Roy Barcroft

Monte Walsh
The Way West
Texas Across the River
Destination Inner Space
Billy the Kid versus Dracula
Six Black Horses
When the Clock Strikes
Escort West
Domino Kid
The Last Stagecoach West
Gun Brothers
The Spoilers
Man Without a Star
Rogue Cop
Two Guns and a Badge
Man with the Steel Whip
Bandits of the West
Savage Frontier
Old Overland Trail
Marshal of Cedar Rock
Ride the Man Down
South Pacific Trail
Desperadoes' Outpost
Thundering Caravans
Black Hills Ambush
Hoodlum Empire
Border Saddlemates
Oklahoma Annie
Leadville Gunslinger
Captive of Billy the Kid
Radar Men from the Moon
Desert of Lost Men
Utah Wagon Train
Fort Dodge Stampede
In Old Amarillo
Wells Fargo Gunmaster
Insurance Investigator
Night Riders of Montana
Don Daredevil Rides Again
Under Mexicali Stars
North of the Great Divide
Rustlers on Horseback
Vigilante Hideout
Desperadoes of the West
Rock Island Trail
Code of the Silver Sage
Federal Agent at Large
Gunmen of Abilene
Powder River Rustlers
Ranger of Cherokee Strip
San Antone Ambush
The James Brothers of Missouri
Frontier Investigator
Prince of the Plains
Ghost of Zorro
Sheriff of Wichita
The Far Frontier
Renegades of Sonora
Sundown in Santa Fe
Grand Canyon Trail
Desperadoes of Dodge City
Out of the Storm
Sons of Adventure
Marshal of Amarillo
Train to Alcatraz
The Timber Trail
Old Los Angeles
The Bold Frontiersman
Madonna of the Desert
G-Men Never Forget
The Fabulous Texan
The Wild Frontier
Marshal of Cripple Creek
Jesse James Rides Again
Springtime in the Sierras
Rustlers of Devil's Canyon
Web of Danger
Oregon Trail Scouts
Spoilers of the North
Vigilantes of Boomtown
Son of Zorro
Stagecoach to Denver
Night Train to Memphis
My Pal Trigger
Traffic in Crime
Home on the Range
The Phantom Rider
Daughter of Don Q
Wagon Wheels Westward
The Cherokee Flash
Girls of the Big House
The Purple Monster Strikes
Along the Navajo Trail
Trail of Kit Carson
Bells of Rosarita
Santa Fe Saddlemates
The Vampire's Ghost
Lone Texas Ranger
Manhunt of Mystery Island
The Topeka Terror
The Big Bonanza
Firebrands of Arizona
Sheriff of Sundown
Stagecoach to Monterey
The Girl Who Dared
The Laramie Trail
The Fighting Seabees
Raiders of Sunset Pass
False Colors
Man from Music Mountain
Wagon Tracks West
Six Gun Gospel
Bordertown Gun Fighters
Calling Wild Bill Elliott
Sagebrush Law
Hoppy Serves a Writ
Carson City Cyclone
Ridin' Down the Canyon
The Valley of Vanishing Men
The Old Chisholm Trail
Pirates of the Prairie
West of the Law
Sunset Serenade
Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die
Stardust on the Sage
Land of the Open Range
Sunset on the Desert
Below the Border
Riders of the Badlands
They Died with Their Boots On
The Masked Rider
Jesse James at Bay
The Bandit Trail
King of the Texas Rangers
Outlaws of Cherokee Trail
Wide Open Town
Riders of Death Valley
The Green Hornet Strikes Again!
Santa Fe Trail
East of the River
Trailing Double Trouble
Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Deadwood Dick
Winners of the West
Hidden Gold
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
The Showdown
West of Carson City
Yukon Flight
Crashing Thru
Riders of the Frontier
The Oregon Trail
Daredevils of the Red Circle
Silver on the Sage
Fast and Loose
The Phantom Creeps
Another Thin Man
Flaming Frontiers