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Sam Newfield

Flaming Frontier
Wolf Dog
Frontier Gambler
The Three Outlaws
The Wild Dakotas
The Gambler and the Lady
Lady in the Fog
Outlaw Women
Three Desperate Men
Lost Continent
Mask of the Dragon
Fingerprints Don't Lie
Motor Patrol
Western Pacific Agent
Radar Secret Service
Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard
Wild Weed
State Department: File 649
The Strange Mrs. Crane
Miraculous Journey
Lady at Midnight
The Counterfeiters
Money Madness
The Sea Hound
Jungle Flight
Adventure Island
Three on a Ticket
Outlaws of the Plains
Overland Riders
Queen of Burlesque
Prairie Badmen
Blonde for a Day
Murder Is My Business
The Flying Serpent
White Pongo
Fighting Bill Carson
Border Badmen
Apology for Murder
Stagecoach Outlaws
The Lady Confesses
His Brother's Ghost
Lightning Raiders
Shadows of Death
Oath of Vengeance
Wild Horse Phantom
I Accuse My Parents
Swing Hostess
Fuzzy Settles Down
The Drifter
The Monster Maker
Thundering Gun Slingers
Frontier Outlaws
Devil Riders
Tiger Fangs
Danger! Women at Work
Cattle Stampede
Wolves of the Range
The Black Raven
Death Rides the Plains
Dead Men Walk
The Kid Rides Again
Outlaws of Boulder Pass
The Mysterious Rider
Along the Sundown Trail
Overland Stagecoach
Prairie Pals
Sheriff of Sage Valley
Law and Order
The Mad Monster
Billy the Kid Trapped
The Lone Rider and the Bandit
Texas Manhunt
Billy the Kid Wanted
The Lone Rider Ambushed
The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury
The Texas Marshal
Billy the Kid in Santa Fe
Billy the Kid's Range War
Billy the Kid's Gun Justice
Marked Men
Billy the Kid in Texas
Billy the Kid Outlawed
Hold That Woman!
Frontier Crusader
I Take This Oath
Secrets of a Model
Death Rides the Range
The Invisible Killer
Fighting Mad
Flaming Lead
Trigger Fingers
Hitler - Beast of Berlin
The Fighting Renegade
Straight Shooter
Outlaws' Paradise
Texas Wildcats
Six-Gun Rhythm
Trigger Pals
The Terror of Tiny Town
Six-Gun Trail
Lightning Carson Rides Again
Frontier Scout
Crashing Through Danger
Durango Valley Raiders
Desert Patrol
Phantom Ranger
Gunsmoke Trail
Songs and Bullets
Knight of the Plains
The Feud Maker
Code of the Rangers
Paroled - To Die
Harlem on the Prairie
The Colorado Kid
The Fighting Deputy
Ridin' the Lone Trail
Doomed at Sundown
Guns in the Dark
Trail of Vengeance
The Gambling Terror
Roarin' Lead
Ghost Patrol
The Lion's Den
Lightnin' Bill Carson
Federal Agent
Bulldog Courage
Timber War
Branded a Coward
Big Time or Bust