Stanley Andrews

Frontier Gambler
Star in the Dust
The Three Outlaws
The Twinkle in God's Eye
Treasure of Ruby Hills
The Steel Cage
Dawn at Socorro
Thundering Caravans
Superman and the Mole Men
The Texas Rangers
Saddle Legion
The Lemon Drop Kid
Streets of Ghost Town
Tough Assignment
Blondie's Big Deal
Last of the Wild Horses
The Paleface
Adventures of Frank and Jesse James
Best Man Wins
Road to Rio
Easy Come, Easy Go
Scared to Death
It's a Wonderful Life
Wake Up and Dream
The Virginian
God's Country
The Princess and the Pirate
Tucson Raiders
Crash Dive
The Ox-Bow Incident
North to the Klondike
Wild Geese Calling
Time Out for Rhythm
Strange Alibi
In Old Colorado
Play Girl
The Mark of Zorro
Brigham Young
King of the Royal Mounted
The Westerner
Johnny Apollo
Hi-Yo Silver
Strange Cargo
Little Old New York
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
The Blue Bird
The Green Hornet
Charlie McCarthy, Detective
The Housekeeper's Daughter
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Golden Boy
Coast Guard
Beau Geste
Hotel Imperial
Union Pacific
Homicide Bureau
Shine On, Harvest Moon
Adventure in Sahara
The Lady Objects
Prairie Moon
The Mysterious Rider
Spawn of the North
You Can't Take It with You
I'll Give a Million
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Cocoanut Grove
When G-Men Step In
The Lone Ranger
Madame X
The Man Who Found Himself
She's Dangerous
The Devil's Playground
High, Wide, and Handsome
Happy Go Lucky
Craig's Wife
The Devil Is a Sissy
White Fang
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
Sutter's Gold
Men Without Names
Stolen Harmony
The Call of the Savage
All the King's Horses