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Virginia Brissac

Rebel Without a Cause
About Mrs. Leslie
The Bandits of Corsica
Two of a Kind
Operation Pacific
Harriet Craig
Edge of Doom
No Man of Her Own
The Last Bandit
An Act of Murder
The Snake Pit
The Untamed Breed
Old Los Angeles
Summer Holiday
The Mating of Millie
Three Daring Daughters
Monsieur Verdoux
The Mysterious Mr. Valentine
The Mysterious Mr. M
Why Girls Leave Home
Captain Eddie
Three's a Crowd
The Scarlet Clue
G.I. Honeymoon
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Together Again
Faces in the Fog
Phantom Lady
Crime Doctor's Strangest Case
The Hard Way
Shadow of a Doubt
Lucky Jordan
The Mummy's Tomb
The Big Shot
Take a Letter, Darling
Lady Gangster
Remember the Day
They Died with Their Boots On
Appointment for Love
The Little Foxes
Dressed to Kill
Bad Men of Missouri
The Nurse's Secret
Washington Melodrama
The Great Lie
Chad Hanna
Strike Up the Band
Hired Wife
All This, and Heaven Too
The Ghost Breakers
Alias the Deacon
Black Friday
It's a Date
The House Across the Bay
Little Old New York
Remember the Night
The Cisco Kid and the Lady
A Child Is Born
Destry Rides Again
First Love
They Shall Have Music
Young Mr. Lincoln
Invitation to Happiness
Dark Victory
Wings of the Navy
Jesse James
Young Dr. Kildare
Delinquent Parents
The Adventurous Blonde
Artists & Models
Stolen Holiday
Down the Stretch
Two Against the World
Three Godfathers