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Wade Boteler

The Last Ride
Find the Blackmailer
Fired Wife
Gentleman Jim
The Forest Rangers
Eyes of the Underworld
Escape from Crime
I Was Framed
My Favorite Blonde
The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine
Ride 'Em Cowboy
Blue, White and Perfect
It Started with Eve
Bad Men of Missouri
Strange Alibi
The Lady from Cheyenne
Love Thy Neighbor
The Green Hornet Strikes Again!
Knute Rockne All American
Under Texas Skies
Spring Parade
City for Conquest
The Howards of Virginia
Dance, Girl, Dance
Three Faces West
Women in Hiding
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise
'Til We Meet Again
Young Buffalo Bill
Young Tom Edison
Castle on the Hudson
My Little Chickadee
His Girl Friday
The Green Hornet
Emergency Squad
Invisible Stripes
Days of Jesse James
Bad Little Angel
The Roaring Twenties
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Television Spy
On Your Toes
Everything's on Ice
Dust Be My Destiny
Thunder Afloat
They Shall Have Music
When Tomorrow Comes
Chicken Wagon Family
News Is Made at Night
Blondie Takes a Vacation
Dog Daze
Missing Daughters
Code of the Streets
Buck Rogers
East Side of Heaven
Three Smart Girls Grow Up
Sergeant Madden
Southward Ho
The Oklahoma Kid
The Ice Follies of 1939
Blackwell's Island
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Topper Takes a Trip
Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus
Girls on Probation
Red Barry
Valley of the Giants
Billy the Kid Returns
Professor Beware
Dangerous to Know
Wells Fargo
Youth on Parole
It Happened in Hollywood
Dead End
Captains Courageous
Border Cafe
The Frame-Up
A Star Is Born
Love Is News
The Mandarin Mystery
The President's Mystery
Alibi for Murder
The Bride Walks Out
Charlie Chan at the Circus
Here Comes Trouble
Exclusive Story
The Three Musketeers
Melody Trail
O'Shaughnessy's Boy
The Goose and the Gander
The Call of the Wild
Goin' to Town
Baby Face Harrington
Among the Missing
Manhattan Melodrama
A Very Honorable Guy
Gambling Lady
Queen Christina
Duck Soup
College Humor
Unknown Valley
Hello, Sister!
Lawyer Man
The Death Kiss
Manhattan Tower
Bird of Paradise
Fireman, Save My Child
Blonde Crazy
Local Boy Makes Good
Way Back Home
24 Hours
Penrod and Sam
Under 18
The Painted Desert
Navy Blues
Big News
Close Harmony
The Flying Fleet
Let 'Er Go Gallegher