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Zasu Pitts

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
The Thrill of It All
Teenage Millionaire
This Could Be the Night
Francis Joins the WACS
Denver and Rio Grande
Life with Father
Breakfast in Hollywood
Let's Face It
So's Your Aunt Emma!
The Bashful Bachelor
Mexican Spitfire at Sea
Mexican Spitfire's Baby
Niagara Falls
Broadway Limited
No, No, Nanette
It All Came True
Eternally Yours
Nurse Edith Cavell
Mickey the Kid
Naughty But Nice
Forty Naughty Girls
Thirteen Hours by Air
The Affair of Susan
Going Highbrow
Ruggles of Red Gap
The Gay Bride
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
Two Alone
Mr. Skitch
Meet the Baron
Aggie Appleby Maker of Men
Her First Mate
Professional Sweetheart
Hello, Sister!
Out All Night
Madison Sq. Garden
The Crooked Circle
Blondie of the Follies
Back Street
Roar of the Dragon
Make Me a Star
Is My Face Red?
Strangers of the Evening
Destry Rides Again
Broken Lullaby
Penrod and Sam
The Big Gamble
The Bad Sister
Passion Flower
The Lottery Bride
War Nurse
Sin Takes a Holiday
Monte Carlo
The Devil's Holiday
All Quiet on the Western Front
The Locked Door
Oh, Yeah?
The Squall
The Wedding March
Casey at the Bat
Risky Business
What Happened to Jones
Pretty Ladies
Wine of Youth
How Could You, Jean?
A Modern Musketeer
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm