Development - List of known bugs and issues


Written at 18 May 2008 on 20:15

Last editted on 2008-08-06

* Not possible to check unread posts [FIXED on 2008-08-06]
* In Internet Explorer the forum crashes when trying to load a page with an embedded YouTube-video. [FIXED on 2008-08-06]
* Images can not be hyperlinked [FIXED on 2008-05-19]

* Sometimes when uploading a poster, the following error message pops up:
'Warning: mysql_result() [function.mysql_result]: Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL result index 26 in .....

Written at 10 Aug 2008 on 11:57

i get this error in the stats page, when i press the more button next to Recent uploads

Fatal error: Class 'Stats' not found in /home/httpd/ on line 7

Written at 10 Aug 2008 on 21:21

Thanks, fixed

Written at 12 Aug 2008 on 01:37

When I'm trying to send a message about an inncorect poster information I get an error saying:

404 error
The page you're trying to reach doesn't exist.

Seems to be with any poster I try to send corrections about.

Written at 12 Aug 2008 on 02:01

hmm but i get them ...

Written at 12 Aug 2008 on 02:16

Fixed, thanks 😄

Written at 20 Aug 2008 on 20:43

When you click on a year, the link is still directed to the browse by year page, which doesn't exist.

Written at 31 Aug 2008 on 19:22

I signed up for an account on movieposterdb, and the email i received has the following incorrect text:

"If you didn't request an account at just ignore this message."

I suspect that at one time you had a different name for this site.


Written at 02 Sep 2008 on 02:10

thanks for this info .. yea is still redirected to this site. once there were both sites up. thanks, jay

Written at 03 Sep 2008 on 21:25

In my PENDING UPLOADS, I can only see 100 posters, but I've uploaded more than 100.

Written at 04 Sep 2008 on 10:40

in the last 30 days 630 uploads approved. you´re the number one.

Written at 04 Sep 2008 on 11:57

I know, but I'm talking about this:

Yesterday I've uploaded more than 100 posters, but in uploads were visible only 100 posters. There were no link to 2nd site with rest of the posters. You know what I mean?

Written at 04 Sep 2008 on 13:19

that means its only showing 100. doesnt mean that there cant be more. martijn just didnt make a 2nd site for this option. i guess from a maximum of 200 unapproved poster, the chance to have more then 100 from the same user is rather small. j

Written at 04 Jan 2009 on 09:16

Not possible to request: IMDB 0022236

('Other Men's Women' (1931).)

Written at 06 Jan 2009 on 21:57

There is no way of tagging artists anymore!

Or is there?

Written at 07 Jan 2009 on 17:35

OK I'm allowing those tags again now since it's kinda stupid to forbid good information like that 😝

Finishing the new artist system will be one of my top priorities for now. I just did the first improvement: posters with an assigned artist (not by tags, but moderated) are 'showing' that now. For instance this one from Saul Bass: Anatomy of a Murder

Written at 25 Jan 2009 on 22:45

Why 'requests' doen't accept IMDB 0026321 (Escape from Devil's Island (1935).)?

Written at 26 Jan 2009 on 01:01

Might have to do with the quote. Will check tomorrow...

Written at 28 Jan 2009 on 10:05

When I click on Biggest filesize, Highest resolution or Most posters in Headquarters I have always an error:

Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/httpd/ on line 248

[I'm using Firefox]

Written at 28 Jan 2009 on 22:04

Both problems are fixed😄