A Woman of Paris 1923

Critics score:
91 / 100

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Variety Staff, Variety: A Woman of Paris is a serious, sincere effort, with a bang story subtlety of idea-expression. Read more

Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader: A moving and entertaining work, executed with high finesse by a master cineast. Read more

Richard Brody, New Yorker: Chaplin's manner is deft and witty, but the depiction of unchecked wealth and the moral rot it breeds links this drawing-room romance to the fierce political comedies in which he stars. Read more

TIME Magazine: For some years great groups of the illuminati have been proclaiming Charles S. Chaplin an artist. Yet our good old uncles and funny old aunts, who really knew about custard pies, demurred. Read more

Time Out: Despite its wealth of detail and sharp observations about morality, the film remains curiously insubstantial with its refined dabbling in the elements of satire, sentiment and melodrama exploited with such panache in Chaplin's starring comedies. Read more