Awake 2007

Critics score:
23 / 100

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Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times: Awake is filled with risible medical behavior (the sterility of the operating room is repeatedly compromised) and a horizontal Mr. Christensen screaming variations on "Oh no, I can feel that!" Read more

Scott Tobias, AV Club: Awake feels like an Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode unfolding in slow motion, with each new revelation coming a reel or two after viewers have guessed it. Read more

Wesley Morris, Boston Globe: The movie tries going for a laugh or two. It even makes stabs at irony. But since none of the story is suspenseful, remotely believable, or, at the very least, cheaply entertaining, who cares? Read more

Jim Ridley, L.A. Weekly: A medical thriller with a noggin full of novocaine, this shocker about a botched heart surgery evidently suffered brain surgery to match. Read more

Jan Stuart, Newsday: If you have an ax to grind with someone who harbors a morbid fear of surgery, you couldn't design a better revenge than taking them to see Awake. Read more

Jack Mathews, New York Daily News: Possibly the worst movie of 2007, and certainly the worst movie ever made featuring the spirits of dying people discussing their futures and sharing mortal flashbacks. Read more

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel: [Joby] Harold's script has a surprise or three in it, a biggy near the end. But he's a director with no poker face. He tips his hand early and often. Read more

James Berardinelli, ReelViews: The way characters interact with each other and the manner in which the master plan unfolds will stretch the credulity of even the most generous viewer. Read more

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times: Accuracy is not the point. Suspense is. And from the moment Clay realizes he is not fully under anesthesia and can hear and feel everything that is happening, the movie had me. Read more

Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail: With a couple of more drafts to mend the plot holes and restructure the middle act, Awake could have been saved. Read more

Bruce Demara, Toronto Star: The plot has more holes in it than a tea bag and the film should come with a warning label: don't go see with anyone with even a modicum of medical knowledge, because they'll surely spend the film huffing and rolling their eyes skyward. Read more

Steve Heisler, Time Out: Read more

Drew Toal, Time Out: Read more

Nigel Floyd, Time Out: Read more

Dennis Harvey, Variety: Debuting writer-director Joby Harold's thriller does have an attention-getting plot hook, but piles on too many narrative gimmicks to maintain suspense or credibility. Read more

Stephen Hunter, Washington Post: Awake is a pleasing if negligible diversion. Read more