Blood Diamond2006

Critics score:
62 / 100

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Moira MacDonald, Miami Herald:It succeeds well at what it sets out to do: wrapping a worthy message in a compelling story.Read more

Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune:Blood Diamond is a visually sumptuous, bullet-train-paced thriller with a really provocative theme.Read more

Christy Lemire, Associated Press:It has an intensity that's just spellbinding, with surprises around every corner -- many of them horrifying.Read more

David Edelstein, New York Magazine/Vulture:Both excitingly well made and dispiritingly formulaic.Read more

Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal:Thanks to Mr. DiCaprio's raffishly dashing soldier of fortune, the movie is worth watching.Read more

Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times:It succeeds well at what it sets out to do: wrapping a worthy message in a compelling story.Read more

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle:Some might argue that the Connelly role serves as the film's conscience. That may have been the intent, but as with a lot of things intended with Blood Diamond, the audience isn't made to feel it.Read more

Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper:That could make for an overly earnest 'message picture' or Hollywood exploitation flick, but in director Edward Zwick's hands, it's one of the best films of the year.Read more

Eleanor Ringel Gillespie, Atlanta Journal-Constitution:Edward Zwick has made a fast-moving, well-crafted film that, like most melodramas, is far too predictable, but, unlike most melodramas, somehow doesn't completely embarrass itself.Read more

Scott Tobias, AV Club:Blood Diamond strives to be an "important" film while stopping well short of being genuinely provocative and artistically chancy.Read more

Bill Muller, Arizona Republic:Blood Diamond deserves kudos for shedding light on the dark underbelly of the diamond trade, but it's too accomplished an action film to have the impact of, say, Hotel Rwanda or even this year's Catch a Fire.Read more

Ty Burr, Boston Globe:Blood Diamond wears both its social conscience and its Hollywood calculation on its sleeve. The movie wants to rouse you to action while narcotizing you with Connelly's bottomless green eyes.Read more

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times:Blood Diamond is very much aware that these are problems beyond easy and convenient resolution, and it is hard not to appreciate any film that understands that.Read more

Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader:Action-adventure pictures have a lamentable tendency toward mindlessness, but Edward Zwick's epic story has numerous virtues apart from suspense and spectacle.Read more

Amy Biancolli, Houston Chronicle:Blood Diamond was directed by Edward Zwick, a staunchly mainstream filmmaker who seems most at ease with the language of epic storytelling. If you're in the market for sweep or machismo, he's your man.Read more

Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor:Much more so than those earlier films, Blood Diamond freely combines political grandstanding with action-adventure heroics.Read more

Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post:In balancing its major motion picture ambitions with thoughtful intentions, this compelling, neo-message movie offers a fresh T-shirt motto for the ongoing campaigns against diamonds that help finance corruption and slaughter: Do the Right Bling.Read more

Tom Long, Detroit News:Blood Diamond loses its way at times, but the power and tragedy of civil war, of greed and tainted motives, is undeniable.Read more

Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly:There is every reason to learn about the link between jewels and death, by all means, but no reason to try to disguise a term paper as entertainment.Read more

Terry Lawson, Detroit Free Press:Blood Diamond has been directed with energy and style by Edward Zwick, who has a long and mostly impressive history of finding large audiences for films that address cultural and social inequity.Read more

Tom Maurstad, Dallas Morning News:What keeps you watching is the level of acting, especially between the two male leads.Read more

Ella Taylor, L.A. Weekly:As liberal hand-wringing goes, it's a winner.Read more

Gene Seymour, Newsday:It's hard to credit the anti-exploitation message of a movie that treats its African men, women and children as wholesale cannon fodder, doomed-but-noble ciphers or sneering, bloodthirsty sociopaths.Read more

John Hartl, Newsweek:It all pays off in the second half, as the characters are fleshed out in ways that didn't at first seem possible. The actors go beyond playing types and enter the world of three-dimensional people.Read more

Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger:Of course, there are the serious titles at the end, urging us to be educated consumers about the diamonds we buy -- because all true social change begins at Tiffany's.Read more

Jack Mathews, New York Daily News:Blood Diamond is, in the vernacular of Old Hollywood, a rip-roaring adventure, the kind made in the '30s with Clark Gable and the handiest leading lady on contract at MGM.Read more

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel:Director Edward Zwick is the Ron Howard of action films. Glory, Courage Under Fire, Legends of the Fall, all gorgeous looking, nicely written, well-acted and thought-provoking movies with violent settings.Read more

James Berardinelli, ReelViews:If only Edward Zwick's mastery of the medium had extended to pruning the screenplay and editing the final result, Blood Diamond might have been a tremendous film rather than one worthy of only a lukewarm recommendation.Read more

Stephanie Zacharek, the one hand, no one with a conscience should buy a diamond unless he or she knows where it came from. On the other hand, should Zwick really be using a glorified action movie to scold us?Read more

Dana Stevens, Slate:[Director Zwick] is craftsman enough that the pace never slackens, the chase scenes thrill, and the battle scenes sicken. And if it makes viewers think twice about buying their sweethearts that hard-won hunk of ice for Christmas, so much the better.Read more

Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune:Perhaps the goofiest message movie ever made.Read more

Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times:Blood Diamond is a work of amazingly orchestrated chaos.Read more

Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail:What you will remember from the film though, is the performance by Leonardo DiCaprio, in his most impressive work since he was a teenaged wunderkind.Read more

Peter Howell, Toronto Star:Blood Diamond is redeemed by its solid performances. Chiefly from DiCaprio, who is having a great year, and Hounsou, who is dignity incarnate.Read more

TIME Magazine:DiCaprio proves himself the most watchful and watchable actor of his age.Read more

Dave Calhoun, Time Out:It doesn't entirely evade the issue at its core - conflict diamonds - in favour of pure action by way of guns and planes, thrills and spills; but it hardly embraces the subject fully either.Read more

Mark Holcomb, Time Out:Blood Diamond has all the cinematic punch of a lengthy Nation article.Read more

Claudia Puig, USA Today:Blood Diamond is a gem in a season with lots of worthy movies.Read more

Brian Lowry, Variety:Africa's enduring sorrow is ripe for drama, but Blood Diamond is, finally, a fitting metaphor for the gems: Potentially brilliant from a distance, but upon closer inspection, one likely will see the flaws.Read more

Nathan Lee, Village Voice:The only indignation stirred up by Blood Diamond won't be among those who worry about where their jewelry came from, but with audiences incensed by facile politics and bad storytelling.Read more

Ann Hornaday, Washington Post:For its flaws, Blood Diamond is a gem, if only for being an unusually smart, engaged popcorn flick.Read more