Dr. T & the Women 2000

Critics score:
57 / 100

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Ebert & Roeper: Read more

Robert Denerstein, Denver Rocky Mountain News: Read more

Susan Stark, Detroit News: A widely pertinent, richly textured comedy with real resonance. Read more

Philip Wuntch, Dallas Morning News: Many of [Altman's] observations have the strength of truth softened by indulgence and ultimate acceptance. Read more

A.O. Scott, New York Times: The slightly anachronistic absurdity of the conceit -- the travails of a lone gentleman in a world of ladies -- gives the actors room to do some wonderful work. Read more

Toronto Star: Read more

Steve Murray, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Has hardly any plot at all, or believable characters. Read more

Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times: Sparkling and wise. Read more

Houston Chronicle: There's the kernel of an intriguing idea that we can almost grasp, but it's lost in the morass of expertly staged but irrelevant scenes. Read more

CNN.com: Read more

Steven Rosen, Denver Post: A surprisingly spry and funny film with a solidly serious core. Read more

Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly: Lacks the resonance of a major Altman film ... but it's a funny and ebullient look at a man in full confusion. Read more

Globe and Mail: Read more

Peter Rainer, New York Magazine/Vulture: Read more

James Berardinelli, ReelViews: While it's impossible to call anything fashioned by a man of Altman's skill unwatchable, there are times when this pedantic and dull effort comes close. Read more

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times: What holds the stories and the characters together is the decency of Dr. T, and Gere seems wholly comfortable with the role. Read more

Stephanie Zacharek, Salon.com: Dr. T raises some seductive questions ... and mixes them up in a madcap and outlandish blender swirl. Through the murk, it's often hard to see the movie's heart. Read more

Peter Stack, San Francisco Chronicle: Loaded with so many keen observations and opposing ideas that it holds interest throughout. Read more

Time Out: Read more

Todd McCarthy, Variety: Altman and his congenially matched screenwriter Anne Rapp wrap some stinging psychological and emotional observations in a beguiling package. Read more

Dennis Lim, Village Voice: A flabby farce in which everyone seems to be making it up as they go along. Read more

Desson Thomson, Washington Post: Ultimately, Dr. T is the cinematic equivalent of shooting well-dressed turkeys in a barrel. Read more