Içimdeki hazine 2018


Sema, a young woman, is the last member of the family of Ayda, from whom she descended. These periods are difficult for Sema because he has just lost his father, who is very valuable for him. Sema, drowned in the law, collapses upon the death of his father. Returning to Istanbul for the funeral, the young woman begins to feel her roots and settles down in the family mansion after the funeral. However, changes in his life are not limited to this. Trying to establish a new order, Sema's life becomes completely different after a document sent to him. Can Sema find himself in an unknown world with the document and will he be able to unravel the mystery of this mysterious document? The screenplay of the film, which includes Demir Karahan, Levent Sülün and Güner Özkul, includes the signature of Coşkun Çokyiğit, while the music belongs to the beloved musician Ferhat Göçer.

Release date: 2018-09-14