Identikit 1974


Lise, a mentally unbalanced middle-aged woman, travels from her home in London to Rome, Italy where she embarks on a fatal destiny that she had helped to arrange for herself — a premeditated search for someone, anyone, with whom she could form a dangerous liaison.

Directed by: Giuseppe Patroni Griffi
Written by: Giuseppe Patroni Griffi & Raffaele La Capria
Release date: 1974-05-20
Runtime: 102 minutes
Tagline: Was she really mad enough to plot her own murder?
Ian Bannen
Ian Bannen
Guido Mannari
Guido Mannari
Mona Washbourne
Mona Washbourne
Mrs. Helen Fiedke 
Luigi Squarzina
Luigi Squarzina
Lead Detective 
Maxence Mailfort
Maxence Mailfort
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Also known as:
  • La masoquista
  • Le siège du conducteur
  • Ölmek istiyorum
  • Přibližná podoba
  • Siedzenie kierowcy
  • Smrt u Rimu
  • The Driver's Seat
  • Место водителя
  • Психо
  • Сидіння водіїв