It's a Wonderful Life 1946

Critics score:
94 / 100

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Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune: The most well-loved of all Christmas movies. Read more

Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader: The epiphany of movie sentiment and a transcendent experience. Read more

Jack D. Grant, Hollywood Reporter: It's a Wonderful Life is a wonderful title for a motion picture about which practically everyone who sees it will agree that it's wonderful entertainment. Read more

Bosley Crowther, New York Times: As the hero, Mr. Stewart does a warmly appealing job, indicating that he has grown in spiritual stature as well as in talent during the years he was in the war. And Donna Reed is remarkably poised and gracious as his adoring sweet-heart and wife. Read more

James Berardinelli, ReelViews: Combine the characters, the story, the message, and the acting, and it's easy to see why It's a Wonderful Life isn't just a holiday favorite, but a great movie by almost any standards. Read more

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times: What is remarkable about It's a Wonderful Life is how well it holds up over the years; it's one of those ageless movies, like Casablanca or The Third Man, that improves with age. Read more

Rich Cohen, It's a Wonderful Life is about hunger. It's about greed. It's about the many ways a good man is stymied. Finally, it's about George Bailey, whose decency prevents him even from killing himself. Read more

TIME Magazine: It's a Wonderful Life is a pretty wonderful movie. Read more

Ben Walters, Time Out: Funny, compelling and moving. Read more

Manny Farber, The New Republic: Capra is an old-time movie craftsman, the master of every trick in the bag, and in many ways he is more at home with the medium than any other Hollywood director. But all of his details give the impression of contrived effect. Read more

Bert Briller, Variety: The April-air wholesomeness and humanism of this natural bring back vividly the reminder that, essentially, the screen best offers unselfconscious, forthright entertainment. Read more