La caduta degli dei (Götterdämmerung) 1969


In the early days of Nazi Germany, a powerful noble family must adjust to life under the new dictatorship regime.

Directed by: Luchino Visconti
Written by: Luchino Visconti & Nicola Badalucco & Enrico Medioli
Runtime: 158 minutes
Critics score:
Tagline: He was soon to become the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany.
Dirk Bogarde
Dirk Bogarde
Frederick Bruckmann 
Ingrid Thulin
Ingrid Thulin
Sophie Von Essenbeck 
Helmut Griem
Helmut Griem
Helmut Berger
Helmut Berger
Martin Von Essenbeck 
Renaud Verley
Renaud Verley
Günther Von Essenbeck 
Umberto Orsini
Umberto Orsini
Herbert Thallman 
IMDb La caduta degli dei (Götterdämmerung) movie stills
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Also known as:
  • Căderea zeilor
  • Die Verdammten
  • Elátkozottak
  • La caída de los dioses
  • Les damnés
  • Luchino Visconti's The Damned
  • Os Malditos
  • The Damned
  • Zmierzch bogów
  • 地獄に堕ちた勇者ども