Lola Versus 2012

Critics score:
35 / 100

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Mary F. Pols, TIME Magazine: A movie that aspires to be deep but never gets out of the shallows even with a wonderful actress in the lead... Read more

James Rocchi, MSN Movies: ...even when the film dips and slips into cliche territory you're glad to have Gerwig as your guide on the all-too familiar journey. Read more

A.O. Scott, New York Times: In spite of its scruffy look and slack pacing, it often rings as false as any of the big, shiny and soft studio rom-coms (starring Kate Hudson or Katherine Heigl, say) of the last decade. Read more

Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times: The self-pitying Lola, alas, is only sporadically interesting... Read more

Scott Tobias, AV Club: A Greta Gerwig vehicle that feels like a pilot awaiting pick-up from a network that doesn't exist. Read more

Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic: It's such a mopey, navel-gazing affair that even Gerwig has a hard time saving it. Read more

Ty Burr, Boston Globe: A well-intentioned indie that tries to be a "real" version of a Hollywood romantic comedy and ends up feeling more ersatz than ever. Read more

Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor: It's a sweet little diddle of a movie that doesn't make the mistake of tying everything up in a big bright bow. Read more

Tom Long, Detroit News: It's a wonder Gerwig manages to keep the character endearing instead of grating, but she does. Read more

Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly: This is the kind of cutely alienated indie relationship comedy that Lena Dunham's HBO series Girls has made irrelevant. Read more

John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter: Its solitude-is-okay message is hardly novel, but Wein's comfortable way of reaching that point will resonate with viewers still trying to achieve that particular brand of enlightenment. Read more

Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times: Gerwig is ... distinctive and interesting an actress to watch, especially when the story includes a lot of raw truth-telling. Read more

Connie Ogle, Miami Herald: An extremely smart, exquisitely funny film about finding yourself amid the clang and clutter of contemporary life. Read more

Rafer Guzman, Newsday: There's a Fitzgeraldian sense of generational malaise in all of this, but "Lola Versus" is convinced that it's hilarious. Read more

Chase Whale, LOLA VERSUS puts the fun in dysfunctional love and is what happens when you shake life up a little bit and let it fall out of your hands. Read more

Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger: This is not someone I want to spend almost an hour-and-a-half with in a theater. Read more

Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News: Don't be fooled by the indie trappings: despite its downtown vibe, "Lola Versus" is as cliched as any Hollywood rom-com. Read more

Sara Stewart, New York Post: [It] transcends being just another chick flick and becomes an exploration of a subject that should ring true for just about every female viewer: the relentless narcissism of the friend who makes everything about her. Read more

Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer: An unfinished portrait of an unfinished womanchild with fidgety poise nicely embodied by Gerwig. Read more

James Berardinelli, ReelViews: There's a lot about Lola Versus that feels familiar, but the propulsion that escalates the film out of the low orbit of angst-riddled 20-something indie "comedies" is Greta Gerwig. Read more

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times: Unfortunately, Lola lives in a sitcom that deprives her of any intrinsic interest. Read more

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle: Screenwriters Daryl Wein (who also directed) and Zoe Lister Jones give Gerwig very little to do other than to be Gerwig. Read more

Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune: "Lola Versus" takes the Lego-piece building blocks of a New York City relationship comedy and turns it into something more asymmetrical and ironic and interesting. Read more

Jennie Punter, Globe and Mail: Lola Versus is all Greta all the time, a bonanza for fans and proof that Gerwig's easy offbeat charm, obvious smarts and physical comedy gifts can carry a film. Read more

Keith Uhlich, Time Out: Gerwig is plenty charming, considering the rote stuff she has to work with. Read more

Bruce Demara, Toronto Star: It's funny, sweet, wise and even a little life-affirming. Read more

David Germain, Associated Press: "Lola Versus" deals with relationships in standard-issue Sundance style, ostensibly smarter and more genuine than what flows from the Hollywood rom-com pipeline yet really just as shallow at heart. Read more

Peter Debruge, Variety: It's one girl against the world in Lola Versus, a snappy yet sincere romantic comedy that begins where others end, with the proposal and wedding plans pointing toward happily ever after. Read more

Karina Longworth, Village Voice: Narratively, it's not a huge shock where the film ultimately goes, but there are a number of fun surprises along the way. Read more

Ann Hornaday, Washington Post: Gerwig remains one of the most captivating new stars to hit the big screen, but she's still looking for a movie that deserves her. Read more

Richard Roeper, Richard Too self-conscious, too slight, too few insights. Read more