Meet The Parents 2000

Critics score:
84 / 100

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Robert Denerstein, Denver Rocky Mountain News: Read more

Susan Stark, Detroit News: With all due respect to giggles, though, you would do better to rent Raging Bull. Read more

Philip Wuntch, Dallas Morning News: With Meet the Parents, mainstream Hollywood reclaims one of its former strengths. It proves that it still knows how to provide audiences with a good time. Read more

Elvis Mitchell, New York Times: None of the jokes are forced, which makes Meet the Parents a singular achievement. Read more

Bob Longino, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: This fall's pleasant surprise. Read more

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times: Possibly the most amusing mainstream live-action comedy since There's Something About Mary. Read more

Lisa Alspector, Chicago Reader: Scenes that should have been uproarious are weaker than many of the movie's smaller moments, whose everyday humor isn't specific to the plot or characters. Read more

Eric Harrison, Houston Chronicle: Within its formulaic confines, the humor works uncommonly well from time to time. Read more

Paul Clinton (, Wonderfully funny. Read more

Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly: Meet the Parents doesn't sparkle like Vincente Minnelli's Father of the Bride. But with bubbly adult comedies at such a premium, it goes down like a flute of Champagne, leaving an aftertaste of giggles. Read more

Rick Groen, Globe and Mail: When the script puts its faith in the audience, allowing us to find the laughs on our own, the film is irresistible, a bright lark. Yet when the writers panic, upping the antic volume and shifting into crazed sitcom gear, the lark stops. Read more

Peter Rainer, New York Magazine/Vulture: I had a good time at Meet the Parents, even though the ratio of clinkers to yucks is disproportionately high. Read more

James Berardinelli, ReelViews: Even with Stiller and De Niro, Meet the Parents is an encounter that can be postponed until it's available on video. Read more

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times: Meet the Parents builds brilliantly on interlocking comic situations. Read more

Stephanie Zacharek, [Roach] does know how to stage discrete comic moments, taking mildly humorous nightmares and turning them into nicely wrought miniatures. Read more

Bob Graham, San Francisco Chronicle: Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller give the comedy of disaster a nice little workout. Read more

Richard Schickel, TIME Magazine: Alas, poor Focker. He can't help himself. And we can't help ourselves from falling about, equally helpless, at this superbly antic movie. Read more

Derek Adams, Time Out: Astutely observed, subtly played and consistently hilarious... Read more

Todd McCarthy, Variety: Flat-out hilarious. Read more

Jessica Winter, Village Voice: Watching Ben get the girl or be seriously injured trying always has its dry, keening pleasures. Read more

Desson Thomson, Washington Post: Roach ... knows to play to the movie's twin strengths: Stiller and De Niro. Read more